Useful info about Dhading

As we at Rediscover Nepal aim to promote remote regions in Nepal, we want to provide some useful info about Dhading. Being one of the underdeveloped regions in Nepal, Dhading doesn’t come short in terms of real Nepali authenticity. For most trekkers in Nepal finding that lesser crowded trail is always challenging if you head for more popular regions in Nepal such as Everest or Annapurna. 
Here we will explain you about a newly opened trekking region in Nepal called Dhading, the valley of rubies! Located east of Kathmandu in between Nuwakot and Ghorka the military boot shaped region of Dhading awaits to be explored. Having useful info about Dhading, comes always handy when undergoing a hike or a trek in this amazing region.
As Dhading remains in most parts underdeveloped many charities have opened volunteer activities in this region. To help the locals rebuilding, educating and sharing knowledge about the latest agricultural systems. Furthermore Rediscover Nepal, has successfully opened a children orphanage with the support of our trekkers and volunteers! As most local villages are poor in comparison to bigger Nepali cities we want to active promote sustainable tourism to this region 
10 Useful tips about Dhading
1) As mentioned previously there is a lot of poverty in Dhading, as so a good way to help out is to bring some school materials to distribute to the local families while passing through small villages. 
2) Dhading is considered as one of the last unexplored areas near by Kathmandu so make always sure you go with a licensed trekking guide as most of the locals have not even seen foreigners let alone speak English.
3) During the rainy seasons leeches are common and we advise to wear full sleeve clothes to avoid these nasty critters! 
4) October will be one of the best times to go as it’s rice harvest season and the views of the entire valley are just unimaginable beautiful.
5) Dhading used to be famous for its minerals and a lot of old ruby mines can be found while trekking through this region. Some of them can be explored until a certain point. 
6) Many volunteer actions take place under private organizations, if you want to support it’s always better to join up with government organizations. Most private organizations only focus on short term improvements.
7) Since it’s a fairly newly opened trekking region Dhading, offers mostly homestay accommodations, this means spending the night with a local family. It’s a great way to learn some good Nepalese culture and to support the locals!
8) Rediscover Nepal, also collects donations to help out the locals by providing them with funds for guide trainings so in turn they can earn for their families. Please consult with our team for any such donations.
9) If you are on a low budget for trekking in Nepal, then Dhading is one of the best places to go. As it is less crowded with tourism the prices are a lot cheaper here and the distance from Kathmandu is also shorter. 
10) And last for our useful info about Dhading, besides trekking, there are a lot more activities that can be done in this region. Rediscover Nepal can organize, rafting, canoeing, hiking, village tours and volunteer missions in Dhading