Bhutan Visa Info

Citizens of India, Maldives, and Bangladesh can enter into Bhutan by showing their valid passport however for travelers from other countries are required to have a valid passport as well as visa clearance letter to travel in Bhutan. Indians can also show voter id card to enter into Bhutan. Visa is processed through an online system so you don’t have visit Bhutanese Embassy for visa application. Your local tour operator or their foreign partners will take care of visa arrangements.

You will need to book a tour in Bhutan, send photo page of your passport, and pay the fee for Bhutan Visa which depends on the number of days you will be staying in Bhutan. The fee includes the cost of transportation, accommodation, meals, waters, and some entry charges.
Together with this fee and document you will need to pay USD $40 as visa processing fee. Once full payment is done visa takes no more than 72 hours to be approved. The money will be wire transferred to TCB bank and stays with Bhutan tourism council.

Upon entering Bhutan either via road or air you need to show visa clearance letter after that visa will be stamped in your passport.