About Us

Welcome to Rediscover Nepal, organizing hiking in Nepal, trekking in Nepal, community homestay treks in Nepal and charity treks in Nepal since 2016. Founded by Mr. Topindra Prasad Sapkota with an eye on reconstructing and helping the people of Dhading Nepal. Rediscover Nepal, although organizing any type of trek in Nepal, focusses more on the Dhading district of Nepal. Ever since the 2015 Nepal earthquake a lot of people lost their houses, businesses and many children unfortunately lost their parents and became orphans. Right now most villages are rebuild and the people are living their daily lives again. But the area still remains underdeveloped; with under equipped schools and orphanages, no to scare hygiene facilities and poor work opportunities.
That is why Rediscover Nepal organizes various Homestay hikes and treks in Dhading Nepal. This lets the local communities earn money by providing Trekking Guide jobs and some income to organize homestays for passing by trekkers and hikers. Besides helping the local communities with sustainable tourism the area of Dhading is less known to most and remains a virgin wilderness of incredible landscapes. Also being from the area Mr. Topindra Prasad Sapkota  has seen and lived the struggle of underdevelopment, working small jobs in the tourism sector during he’s childhood he learned of the values of sustainable tourism. Working he’s ways up the ranks from porter to licensed trekking guide he has seen most regions and trekking trails of Nepal. Now owning Rediscover Nepal he decided to give back to the community by helping with orphanage building and village development in the rural towns of Dhading.
With special designed Hiking routes in Dhading, Rediscover Nepal takes you on an amazing adventure! Visit the local communities with the Achane Village Trek, Enjoy the warm hospitality of the locals during the Chepang Community stay trek, head out to Sidha Lake, marvel at the enormous Ganesh Himal with the Ruby Valley Trek or visit the and help out at the orphanage sponsored by Rediscover Nepal. 
Don’t hesitate and take on any type of trek in Nepal with Rediscover Nepal